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Outsourcing Administrative Services

for outsourced administration services it is intended to entrust part or all of the company accounting to a third party who takes care of it.

We are able to offer our clients a proven outsourced accounting service, where the client can access their data online for consultation or printing when needed.

When necessary, the Firm is structured to collect / deliver the accounting documentation to the client.

It is decided to resort to outsourcing when:

  • there is a lack of professional figures with the necessary skills to perform that function;
  • maximize the use of the resources available to the company on other projects;
  • avoid that the company has to bear the various management costs of a specific activity, having to hire full-time staff;
  • pay for administrative services as and when needed at hourly rates, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs;
  • lightening of paper archives: current, deposit and historical archives;

Outsourced administration services ensure that you benefit from the experience of someone who already knows administrative functions and is an expert in the field. There is no need to hire or train staff for administrative functions. There is less responsibility on the part of the employer.

Condominium Outsourcing

The Firm provides condominium administrators with a dedicated service:

  • the compilation and data transmission of F24;
  • the compilation and transmission of the data of the 770;
  • suppliers' invoice recording;
  • control and management of condominium accounting (external consultancy);
  • the compilation and data transmission of Certificazione Unica;
  • the compilation of Quadro AC for the administrator
  • fiscal collection procedures (fiscal deduction)

• office opening hours

The office is open from Monday to Friday

from 9,00 am to 6:00 pm

we recommend our customers to make an appointment, this will avoid long waiting times.

Saturday we receive only by appointment.

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